Change The Way You Buy Domains

Can one really make money by Hand Registering domain names?

YES.ย There are hundreds of domainers making money from domains they bought for the price of registration fee! Need proof? Check out the domain name forums where people discuss about their purchases & sales.

Buy LOW – Sell HIGH

Why spend hundreds or thousands of dollars in buying premium domains from the aftermarket?

Why spend several hours a day bidding on auctions to buy a great domain name?

Hand register ‘good’ domains that everyone failed to spot and are about to drop.

ROI is at its best when you sell a hand registered domain for a high price.

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

Who would I sell this domain to?
Would someone buy this domain from me?
Would someone want to develop this domain into a website?

Well, pick any domain from these lists and check the .NET extension and you’ll get the answer to the above questions.

Since .COM is considered to be the KING of all extensions, business/website owners would want to lay their hands on a .COM domain in their industry.

You can either try selling the .COM domain to the .NET owner (or) their competitors (or) to anyone who already has a website in the similar industry/niche but with a different extension.

Good luck domaining ๐Ÿ™‚